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"I first came to see Bel approximately five years ago with severe menopausal symptoms. She was incredibly empathetic, kind and completely open and honest with me throughout. She took time to discuss everything and took detailed notes. The herbal medicine she prescribed has helped me dramatically; she has adjusted the prescription to fit my needs and even took the time to discuss how I can help with the process through dietary needs. Overall I am very happy and impressed with my experience with Bel."   Rita, Apperley Bridge

"I have always found Bel to be extremely knowledgeable, always considering nutrition and everything else going on in my life which could effect my symptoms.  The support and advice makes it so much more then just getting a tincture.  I have seen her through some extremely stressful times in my life and know how beneficial Bel's treatments can be.  I would highly recommend Bel to anyone!"  RB

"When we contacted Bel we didn't know how to best take care of Esme, our daughter (aged 11). Esme spent some time in hospital with a diagnosis of Crohn's Disease, an Inflammatory Bowel Disease where we were only offered a medical model of treatment, with no consistent advice around diet or keeping Esme in remission following a course of steroids.

Bel was really helpful and thorough in developing a picture of Esme's situation and offering coherent and simple advice, in helping us to develop a workable dietary response to Esme's illness. It has involved the whole family taking on the new diet (no dairy, gluten or red meat). Six months on we are all much healthier, including our son whose Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms are now considerably less severe, he is in remission and drug free. 
Esme says 'Bel was really very friendly and welcoming. It felt she was really able to spend time with me - to understand more about me than the disease'. Thanks Bel."  Nick and Rosie

"I've known Bel and used the wonderful tinctures she provides for several years now - initially for digestive problems and more recently for hormone imbalances - and can honestly say my life has improved immeasurably during that time. Choosing the herbal route has allowed me to achieve a much more natural balance and good health and Bel's vast wealth of knowledge has been invaluable.  Bel is always very thoughtful and caring and I am sure this translates into her lotions and potions! As a therapist myself I know a good therapist when I meet one and Bel is one of the best.  I can, and do, recommend Bel and her healing herbs whenever I can." Rachael, Menston.

"Bel has been an invaluable source of advice, support and treatment for a number of years. Whilst being approachable she is always professional and thorough in her consultations and I have found the treatments helpful and effective."   HB, Otley 

"I first dealt with Bel several years ago when I found that every cold I got ended up on my chest so badly I had to take to my bed. It was happening regularly throughout the winter and nothing seemed to help.

After consulting with Bel and taking her clear and easily-followed advice and the herbal mixture she produced for me I found that I was shrugging colds off with ease and wasn’t having to take time off work to recover.

I’ve gone back to Bel several times and the mixture she’s prescribed has been tweaked as my circumstances change. I only need to start taking the mixtures when the damp autumnal weather kicks in and I’m OK until the spring."
S.M. - Harrogate

"I've been a client of Bel's for a number of years. I first approached Bel concerning my IBS. It had got to the point where the doctors couldn't do very much for me. And I wanted to take natural medication rather than chemical.  I had a very thorough consultation with Bel. She went through all my past medical history and advised me on my diet. She also made a 'tincture' to help with the IBS. After taking the tincture I felt much better, my symptoms decreased and I felt much more able to cope with the IBS. 

Then some time later I began to get hot flushes and horrendous cold sweats in the night. All part of going through the 'menopause', but not nice and at times unbearable. So I went back to Bel and had a short consultation and she adjusted my tincture. Well after taking it for a few days the hot flushes totally went and the cold sweats were reduced. Taking herbal medicine has truly made a difference to my health and well being and I would recommend it to others."  Lesley from Leeds

"Bel gives a very nurturing, relaxing massage. I love Bel's energy and the comfortable, non-judgemental atmosphere she creates. A truly holistic experience. Thank you!"  Chrissie Chelinski, Dru Yoga Teacher

"Bel Charlesworth has been delivering Herbal courses at RHS Garden Harlow Carr as part of the Adult Learning program for many years. Bel's knowledge and gentle teaching style make these courses popular with people of all ages who want to learn more about the medicinal uses of plants. She uses a combination of theory and practical techniques to allow people to learn and experience first-hand how to identify herbal plants and then use them to make salves, infusions and tinctures. The courses are always very popular and many people return to these courses with Bel as she encourages them to learn more. People always request Bel's courses and it is a real pleasure to work with someone so knowledgeable and passionate about her vocation."

Gill Owen, Education and Learning Manager, RHS Harlow Carr

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