Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Yoga & Wellbeing
Consultations, Workshops and Herb walks

Fees :

New Clients 60 min Initial consultation £65 includes 200mls herbal tinctures. Double appointments are also available (up to 2 hours) £95 if you have a complex health issue to discuss and/or you would like a full nutrition/ dietary review at your initial consultation and/or you are coming from some distance and you would prefer your next visit to be by phone or Skype.

New Clients 2 1/2 hour Intensive Complete Wellbeing session £125 includes up to 200mls herbal tinctures.
Health assessment, Diet review and herbal medicines
Tailored 3 week diet plan
Yoga/breathing techniques

Future visits:
30 min herbal medicine consultation inc phone consultations £30 plus herbal tinctures
(see below) 
60 min consultation/coaching session £40 plus herbal tinctures (see below) 

One-to-one Yoga sessions
Initial visit £45  then £40/hour

‘6 weeks to Optimum Health’ package £150
Includes initial 60 min herbal medicine consultation plus two further 30 min sessions inclusive of at least 6 weeks of herbal medicines

‘6 weeks to Optimum Health Complete Wellbeing' package £195
Includes initial 90 min herbal/nutrition & wellbeing/yoga consultations plus two further 60 min sessions inclusive of at least 6 weeks of herbal medicines

Intensive one-to-one ‘Complete Wellbeing’ session (2 1/2 hours) £125
Includes health consultation, diet and lifestyle assessment and combination of 3 week tailored diet plan or yoga/breathing or movement work plus 2 weeks of supportive herbal medicine, positive goal setting techniques and Deep Relaxation.

Herbal tinctures
Patient prescriptions dispensed at consultation: £20/200mls bottle
Repeat prescriptions without consultation: £20/200mls or £35/500mls including postage

Where and when I moved temporarily back to Holmfirth in 2017 but continue to see patients in Otley, West Yorkshire every Friday and now also work from the Holme Valley Wellbeing Centre in Holmfirth on Thursdays.

To make an appointment or to find out if I can be of help or to re-order herbal prescriptions, please call me on 07775 920079. I'm always happy to discuss which initial consultation would be best for you.

Bel Charlesworth Medical Herbalist

Bel Charlesworth MNIMH
Medical Herbalist

BSc Herbal Medicine

Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists since 2003

Tel: 07775 920079

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Herbal Medicine, Nutrition & Wellbeing

Workshops & Herb walks

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